Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Vocab For Brain Food 1



内容; nèi róng = content; substance; details
启发; qǐ fā = enlighten
进化; jìn huà = evolution
唯一; wéi yī = only; sole
; shú = done; ripe; cooked
精雕细刻; jīngdiāoxìkè = work at sth. with the care and precision of a sculptor; work at sth. with great care
挑剔; tiāo ti = picky; fussy
过分; guò fèn = excessive; undue; overly
略微; luè wēi=(adv) a little bit; slightly
众所周知; zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī = (saying) as is known to everone
事实; shì shí = (the) fact (that)
对比; duì bǐ = contrast; balance
古猿人; gǔ yuán rén = paleolithis man; ape man
比重; bǐ zhòng = proportion; specific gravity
标志; biāo zhì = sign; mark; symbol; symbolize; to indicate; to mark
发达; fā dá = developed (country, etc.); flourishing; to develop
提供; tí gōng = to supply; to provide; to furnish
煮熟; zhǔ shóu = boil
消化; xiāo huà = digest; digestion; digestive
吸收; xī shōu = absorb; assimilate
人体器官; rén tǐ qì guān = human organ
相关; xiāng guān = interrelated
消耗; xiāo hào = to use up; to consume
长足; chángzú = considerable; rapid; substantial
静止; jìng zhǐ = still; stillness
有效; yǒu xiào = effective; in effect; valid
摄取; shè qǔ = absorb (nutrition); take a photo
逻辑; luó ji = logic
减低; jiǎn dī = (v) lower; reduce
天生; tiān shēng = (adj) innate; natural
近乎; jìn hu = close to; intimate
超强; chāoqiáng = extremely strong
功能; gōng néng = function

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